Ultrasonic cleaning is the
rapid and complete
removal of contaminants
from objects by immersing
them in a tank of liquid
flooded with high
frequency sounds waves.
These non-audible sound
waves create a scrubbing
brush action within the

The process is brought about by high
frequency electrical energy that is converted
by a transducer into high frequency sound
waves – ultrasonic energy. Its ability to clean
even the most tenacious substances from
items derives from the core of the unit: the


The ultrasonic energy enters the liquid within the tank and causes the
rapid formation and collapse of minute bubbles: a phenomenon known
as cavitation. The bubbles, travel at high speed around the tank
causing them to implode against the surface of the item immersed in
the tank in an enormous energy release, which gently lifts
contamination off the surface and innermost recesses of intricately
shaped parts.
How does
Blind Cleaning
work ?