The Blindman
And The Shady
            Environmentally   Safe
Why professionally clean your blinds ?

With the Unique fabrics, finishes, and decorative details, from  luminous
sheers , elegant woven textures, to beautiful real wood venetians, long
gone are the days of hosing your blinds off on the driveway . Ultrasonic
cleaning is the most gentle effective, and
procedure there is. Protect your investment !
Sheerweave rollers
Cell shade
                       Blind  Cleaning  Services  Include
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Allergies ?
Just like your carpet
blinds can be a breeding
ground for dust mites
which can cause allergies
and breathing problems
for those with Asthma
.Ultrasonic cleaning
sanitizes and eliminates
these nasties.
The ultrasonic cleaning process leaves surfaces as bright ,clean and
spot free as the day they were purchased. The entire blind-slats,
ladders, and cords are cleaned. We also lubricate the head rail when
There's no scratching, pitting, or other damage usually seen with
conventional harsh cleaning methods. Hand dusting is the least
acceptable solution because it only increases static electricity which
actually attracts dirt, causing surfaces to get dirty faster. The Ultrasonic
cleaning process guarantees cleaner blinds for a longer period of time.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can eliminate the dirt, dust,
smoke, grease, bacteria and nicotine buildup that accumulate over the
years without harming the blinds. We only use biodegradable mild
cleaning agents. The cleaning agents only assist ultrasonic in doing
their job….That is why the process is so gentle on your blinds.